President's Message

Dear Member,

5th February 2018

It will please you to know, that the Splash, your very own Club Magazine, will be completing its Silver Jubilee this year - a real milestone as far as club publications go. We intend to commemorate these eventful 25 years with a special bumper issue befitting the occasion. We seek your support in the form of anecdotes, photographs, stories that you may like to recall or pieces of nostalgia of over the last 25 years. We also plan to include Kolkata – centric matters and features from eminent personalities of Kolkata.

A vibrant ‘memorabilia’ publication, is what we are looking forward to, which can only be possible with your inputs and enthusiasm. May I request you to send your above contributions within a fortnight to:

1. Mrs Rita Bhimani, Editor-in-Chief, at
2. Mr Pundrik Shah, Co-Editor, on WhatsApp, SMS or Call on 9830040331.
3. The Club Office.

We do look forward to your meaningful response.

Thanking you and warm regards,

Anil Choudhury