Rules & Regulations

Shower Baths

Showers are provided and all bathers must use them before entering the swimming pools.

Bathing costumes & caps

All members must wear only such conventional bathing costumes as are in generally accepted use and approved by the Club. Members and guests with long hair must wear bathing caps.

Dress Code

Members and Guests should wear shirts which are properly buttoned. T. Shirts without collar (polo neck) will not be allowed inside the Club. Shorts and chappals will not be allowed inside the bar. Members are also not allowed in the Lounge, Porch entrance hall, The Bar / Lounge Bar in bathing costumes. In general members and guests are requested to dress in a manner which considered proper and maintains the decorum of a modern club.

Dogs and other animals

No dogs or other animals can be brought inside the club building or compound. Nor shall vagrant animals and birds be fed on the premises.

Car park

The parking space in the club compound is reserved for owner driven cars with club stickers only. Cars with drivers should be parked outside the club compound.

Club bearers and tipping

No member may monopolize the services of any bearer or other employee of the club. Any complaints should be referred to the Secretary or the Committee. Tipping of servants by Members is strictly prohibited.

Children's hours

Children under the age of 12 years must not remain in the club premises after 9.30 pm. They must not remain in the outside pool after 7.00 pm and inside pool after 8.00 pm. They can however be in the club on special occasions / events / programmes. On normal days, if children are found in the Club premises after 9.30 pm, they may be asked to leave the club premises.

Club Hours

6 a.m to 11 p.m


Guests can be brought into to the club, subject to certain stipulations / norms, the details of which can be collected from the Secretary or Club office.


A pay telephone is available for the use of members. Mobile phones should be switched off at Main Bar and Dining Hall.

Grass Lawns

These are for sun bathing only and no chair or tables are allowed on the lawns on the north side of the children’s, padding pool.

Safe deposit

The club does not accept responsibility for loss of member’s property or the property of their gusts, whilst in the club deposit and no claim for such loss can be entertained by the club. Members depositing articles do so at their own risk and responsibility.

Complaint and suggestions

A book in which members may enter their complaints / suggestions is kept with the Secretary of the Club.

Diving stages

Only one person at a time may use or be on any of the springboard. Children are forbidden to play on diving stages or on the ladders leading to them.

Health precautions

Members and their guests must not use the swimming pools, if suffering from skin diseases (including sever case of prickly heat) or any other infectious diseases.

Alcoholic beverages

Alcoholic beverages will not be served to or consumed by any person under the age of 21 years. Persons under the age of 18 years will not be permitted to enter the Lounge bar.


Children under the age of 2 years must not be taken into the pools, not even into the paddling pool.

Push Chairs

No baby or infant carriages may be brought into the club excepting the small folding push chairs may be brought into the club and not used further inside the premises.


No members or guests shall bring into the club any food or refreshments for consumption in the club premises. Chewing of pan, pan masala, chewing gum and chewing tobacco is not permitted within the club premises.

Hiring of club premises

Hiring of club premises may only be arranged through a club member, provide the same is approved as per club rules. Additionally it would be the responsibility of the member booking the premises to accept all liabilities for payment of bills resulting from the hiring.

Damage to club property by members, their family and or their guests

Willful damage to the club property will result in the imposition of a fine by the Committee on the responsible member not exceeding six times the cost of replacement or repairs. Parents will be deemed responsible for any damage caused by their children and or their guests.

Defacing of notices and building

Members, their children and or their guests found defacing or altering club notices or publications in any way, or painting or drawing on or scratching surfaces of the club property, shall at the discretion of the Committee, be fined a sum not exceeding six times the cost of repairs. Members shall be responsible for such damages either caused by them, their children and or their guest.

The above information is indicative only and gives an overview of the Club rules and regulations. Members are however requested to check with the Club Secretary / Office to get more specific details about the decorum that needs to be maintained whilst inside the club premises – either alone, with family and or guests. Members are also requested to check for the modified timings of bars and other facilities which have been extended over the last couple of months.