Club History

In the editorial of the Statesman on 24th May, 1887 appeared that "Everyone will be glad to learn that the Lieutenant Governor has sanctioned the construction of the Calcutta Swimming Club on the site selected near Chandpal Ghat". It was on this day that the Lieutenant Governor of Bengal has sanctioned the construction of "CALCUTTA SWIMMING BATH", the forerunner of the existing - The calcutta Swimming Club

"The Swimming Bath" was founded by a group of Calcutta merchants headed by Messrs A.H.Willis and Busland to provide amenities for their young and junior assistants, who had neither the social standing nor the financial means necessary for membership of more important Clubs. The founders in their astute wisdom introduced the "CASH PAYMENT" rule which in those days of chits and credit slips was unique and intended to prevent the young members running into debt.

Calcutta Swimming Club, as we see it today, was actually founded by the Late Walter Davis, a partner of Hamilton & Company. He was the first Secretary of the Club. Since its inception the Lieutenant Governor of Bengal was the Head of the Club till 1923 when Mr. N. Hamilton was elected as it's first President.

The Club in the days immediately after the first WORLD WAR had only the inside Swimming Bath with dressing cubicles on the North side. Outside the northern side, there was a rectangular shaped TANK, a little smaller than the SWIMMING BATH . The sides of the Tank were built up by perhaps a couple of feet of earth banks held together by long grass. The present dressing rooms and the "porch" were added after 1926 and the rest of the buildings were cam up after the construction of the outside Pool, which was built in the 1930s.

From the mid 1920s onwards there were sessions for LADIES, two or three times a week for about an hour and mixed bathing was permitted on Friday evenings. Men used the dressing cubicles on the North side and the Women, the Gallery. There was a screen along the gallery rail to prevent those downstairs seeing too much or, for that matter anything. Of course, men had to wear "SLIPS" under the then costume regulations, while the ladies were completely covered all much too properly.

Catering was of course in its infancy and a Bovril and biscuits. The biscuits used to be wet by the time the old bearer brought them in a cracked cup and that was all there was to be had. The ladies eventually started the tea service.

The bath could be reserved by a member for private parties for a modest fee - many stories were told of these parties

The Club celebrated its GOLDEN JUBILEE in 1937 and some of the commemorative Pewter TANKARDS presented by members are still with the Club. During the Second World War the Club offered relaxation to tired service Officers on leave from weary services at various theatres. In 1941, the Club was honoured by a FIGHTER AIRCRAFT being named "Calcutta Swimming Club" in appreciation of its contribution to the War efforts.

The period immediately after World War II was undoubtedly the most prosperous in the Club's history. There were over five thousand individual members and financial resources were plentiful. During this period the original 'LEAN TO' verandah was replaced by the larger brick structure, while both the Bar and Verandah were air-conditioned.

In 1964, Maharaja of CoochBehar was inducted as the First INDIAN MEMBER. Again it was in 1976, Late P.T. Basu was elected as the First INDIAN PRESIDENT of the Club. The Club celebrated its CENTENARY in 1985. The Club has been continuously undergoing major renovations / upgradation to enhance the facilities to its members.

General Information


  • Banquet Hall on 1st Floor (Full / Part can be booked).
  • Poolside Bar for Cocktail Parties.


We have Four Bars – The Main Bar, Pub Bar, and The Poolside Bar are known for their exclusivity. And the Fourth one has come up at the banquets on the first floor.


Children timing has been extended up to 10.30 PM. However children are not allowed in the dining Hall / Lounge after 9.30 P.M.


Appropriately dressed to suit the occasion in the Club Premises. National dress is permitted. Except on Sunday / Holiday mornings shorts will not be allowed in the Main Bar. Shorts will not be allowed in the Bars or Lounge during Evening Hours. Strap sandals / Shoes are compulsory in the Bars for gentlemen. In general, members and guests are requested to dress in a manner which is considered proper and maintains the decorum of a modern Club. Wearing National Dress (“Dhoti” & “Kurta” or “Sherwani with Churidar”) is permitted. Whereas, “Kurta with Pyjama” is prohibited.


Alcoholic Drinks, Food or Refreshments shall not be brought from outside by any Member or Guest for consumption on the Club Premises.

6.30 AM – 10.30 AM (Unisex) Every day
10.30 AM – 3.00 PM (Exclusive Ladies, except Sundays & Holidays) Every day
3.00 PM – 10.30 PM (Unisex) Every day
Weekdays (except Wednesday) 12.00 Noon – 8.00 PM
Holidays & Sundays 10.00 AM – 5.00 PM
Wednesdays 4.00 PM – 8.00 PM
Weekly closed on Thursday

President’s Message

Dear Member,

I am truly humbled at the honour bestowed upon me to lead this Club as your President, and assure you that along with my Committee, will uphold the glorious traditions of this onerous institution.

I began my journey at ‘CSC’ over forty years ago, when I was fortunate to be inducted as a Member. I would spend hours at the Billiard Room, honing my skills as a cueist. My passion led me to participate in the Inter-Club tournaments and also represented our Club for over two decades in Snooker.

In these long years, I have forged strong bond with so many Members of the Club and I am privileged that I shall now be able to build these relationships further.

The Club has evolved over the years, and in its new ‘Avatar’, is now sought out for other sporting activities, apart from swimming, which has been the primary draw for several decades.

Post Covid; the participation in the Club of Members’ and their guests has been overwhelming. It will be my priority to make your visits to the Club more pleasurable. To this end, we shall soon put in place the Mobile App so that you may Pre-book the Club facilities you wish to avail before coming to the Club. We are also making attempts to further improve the services to the Club Members. The immediate task at hand is to upgrade and renovate the Club Kitchen to “five star standards”. On the anvil is the renovation of the Main Bar and the Executive Lounge.

The Club is now in fact, on a threshold, and after the successful Inter Club Carnival held in November this Year, our Club is now looked upon in the Club circuit, in a new light. The Inter Club Carnival will continue to be one of our signature events every year.

We are already into the festive calendar and have major entertainment events lined up over the next few weeks. I shall look forward to seeing you all, in large numbers, along with your friends at these programmes.

Amita and I, take this opportunity to convey our warm wishes and compliments for the festive season to You and your Family.

Happy Clubbing!

Warm personal regards.

Nitin C Dani

CEO & Secretary's Message

Honourable Members!

Indeed, it’s an honour to be appointed as CEO & Secretary of the most vibrant and lively Club in Kolkata, the City of Joy. I reckon that honour is directly proportional to the responsibility and I shall endeavour to live up to it. As such I behold my allegiance to all the members of the Clubs and the executive committee to discharge my duties.

Three months down the line, I’ve struck chord with many members and developed an instantaneous bond with some during the course of addressing their concerns.

It’s amazing to note that everyone feels the club as Home away from Home and I am fortunate to find a place in it to join the band of The CSCIANS. My passion is to ensure through satisfaction of each member of this exclusive club of obvious heritage.

Since member’s comfort is my motto, I look forward for valuable suggestions for sustained healthy, happy and harmonious environment.
The decorum in this very historic sports club motivates members and their families to enjoy the world class facilities in every sphere.

I am hopeful that we will continue to enjoy the cooperation of all the esteemed members, in maintaining an eye-catching environment.
In my opinion observance of Rules of the Club and SOPs at various facilities are the key factors to stay atop and labelled as the First among Equals.

Wishing you loads of luck, happiness and cheers.

Jai Hind.

Colonel ML Narasimha Rao (Veteran)
CEO & Secretary


Mr. Nitin C. Dani


Mr. Gaurav Chokhany

Vice President

Mr. Dipak Kumar Agarwala Mr. Pradeep Bagla
Mr. Rishi Bajoria Mr. Deepak Chaudhary
Mr. Siddharth Jhunjhunwala Mr. Vivek Mahansaria
Mr. Pradeep Lal Mehta Mr. Mahesh Punjabi
Mr. Rahul Singhi Mr. Kanan Tondon
Dr. Naresh Goyal Mr R K Tripathi – Rep. Lessor Governor

Office Bearers 2022 – 2023

Portfolio Chairperson Co-Chairperson
Banquets & Guest Rooms Mr. Pradeep Bagla Mr. Mahesh Punjabi
Bar Mr. Mahesh Punjabi Mr. Kanan Tondon
Committee Affairs Mr. Nitin C Dani Mr. Gaurav Chokhany
Entertainment Mr. Gaurav Chokhany Mr. Dipak Kumar Agarwala
Finance Mr. P L Mehta Mr. Gaurav Chokhany
Food & Catering Mr. Rishi Bajoria Mr. Siddharth Jhunjhunwala
Government Affairs Mr. Mahesh Punjabi
Health Parlour Mr. Deepak Chaudhary Mr. Rahul Singhi
IT Mr. Vivek Mahansaria Mr. P L Mehta
Legal & Staff Affairs Mr. P L Mehta
Portfolio Chairperson Co-Chairperson
Maintenance Mr. Dipak Kumar Agarwala Mr. Deepak Chaudhary
Member’s Affairs Mr. Nitin C Dani Mr. Gaurav Chokhany
Membership Mr. Nitin C Dani Mr. Gaurav Chokhany
Renovation & Upgradation Mr. Kanan Tondon Mr. Rishi Bajoria & Mr. Deepak Chaudhary
Sports Mr. Rahul Singhi Mr. Vivek Mahansaria
Administration & HR Mr. Nitin C Dani Mr. Gaurav Chokhany
Ladies Wing Mrs. Amita N.Dani Mrs. Meghna Chokhany
Club Magazine Mr. Vivek Mahansaria
Sports Infrastructure/ & Upgradation / Proshop Mr. Siddharth Jhunjhunwala Mr. Vivek Mahansaria
Special Sub Committee Renovation and Upgradation Mr. Kanan Tondon, Mr Manoj Bhagat, Mr Nandu Belani.
Startegic Planning Immediate Past President, President and Vice President.

Past Presidents

Year Name
1923 N. Hamilton
1924 N. Hamilton
1925 W. Fullerton
1926 N. Hamilton
1927 E. Muir
1928 B. Severs
1929 E. Muir
1930 E. Muir
1931 T. H. Elderton
1932 J. S. Henderson
1933 E. Muri
1934 J. Lees
1935 D. P. Malcolm
1936 T. H. Elderton
1937 J. H. Guthrie
1938 A. B. Mallett
1939 A. Gemmell OBE
1940 T. King
1941 W. L. Gordon
1942 N. W. Chisholm
1943 O. Godding
1944 O. Godding
1945 A. S. Gillies
1946 F. J. Rasmussen MBE
1947 B.A. Anstey
1948 T. King
1949 E. H. Rabey
1950 J. J. N. Birch
1951 B. W. Palmer
1952 B. Gill
1953 T. King
1954 W. E. Bell
1955 J. Buchanan
1956 H. J. Godwin
1957 T. K. Walshaw
Year Name
1958 N. Hamilton
1959 N. Hamilton
1960 W. J. Woodhouse DFC
1961 T. C. Perry
1962 J. Graham
1963 A. G. M. Twining
1964 E. C. Hayworth
1965 R. R. Hill
1966 A. D. Moodie
1967 K. S. Whitehouse
1968 H. Rudkin
1969 H. L. Barham GM
1970 G. J. Whiteparsons
1971 M. L. Greenberg
1972 E. Maurice
1973 R. N. Gray
1974 R. N. Gray
1975 E. Maurice
1976 P. T. Basu
1977 A. W. Turner
1978 P. T. Basu
1979 A. J. Suralya
1980 A. J. Suralya
1981 A. K. Hirjee
1982 A. K. Hirjee
1983 P. N. Roy
1984 P. N. Roy
1985 N. G. Khaitan
1986 M. P. Jalan
1987 M. P. Jalan
1988 R. N. Dey
1989 Lalji Mehrotra
1990 A. B. Ajmera
1991 D. S. Jain
1992 L. G. Daswani
Year Name
1993 G. D. Binnany
1994 P. K. Jalan
1995 A. P. Chawla
1996 A. K. Roy
1997 K. K. Mimani
1998 P. D. Tulsyan
1999 C.A. Doshi
2000 Anjan Ghosh
2001 H. A. Ajmera
2002 Manoj Bhagat
2003 Nandu K. Belani
2004 Binod Khattry
2005 Ravi Todi
2006 Anand Chopra
2007 Anand Chopra
2008 Gopal Prasad Chokhany
2009 Bal Binode Bajoria
2010 Anup Sharda
2011 M. L. Mall
2012 Ashish C Doshi
2013 Prashant D Binnany
2014 Ketan Shanghavi
2015 Binod C Kankaria
2016 Kamal Bhandari
2017 Anil Choudhury
2018 Sunil Daswani
2019 Jai Surana
2020 Alok Sethia
2021 Dr. Naresh Goyal

Rules & Regulations

Shower Baths

Showers are provided and all swimmers must use them before entering the pools.

Swimming Costumes & Caps

All members must wear only such conventional swimming costumes as are in generally accepted use and approved by the Club. Members and guests with long hair must wear bathing caps.

Dress Code

Members and guests should wear shirts which are properly buttoned. T-shirts without a collar (polo neck) are not allowed inside the Club. Members wearing shorts and “chappals” will not be allowed inside the bar. Members in swimwear may not access the Lounge, Porch entrance hall, the Bar and Lounge Bar. In general, members and guests are requested to dress in a manner which is considered proper and maintains the decorum of a modern Club. Wearing National Dress (“Dhoti” & “Kurta” or “Sherwani with Churidar”) is permitted. Whereas, “Kurta with Pyjama” is prohibited.

Dogs & Pets

No dogs or other animals can be brought inside the club building or compound. Nor shall vagrant animals and birds be fed on the premises.

Car Parking

The parking space in the club compound is reserved for owner-driven cars with club stickers only. Cars with drivers should be parked outside the club compound. Members can also avail paid Valet parking services.


No member may monopolise the services of any bearer or other employee of the club. Any complaints should be referred to the Secretary or the Committee. Tipping by Members is strictly prohibited.

Children’s Hours

Children under the age of 12 years must not remain in the club premises after 9.30PM. They must not remain in the outside pool after 7.00PM and inside pool after 8.00PM. They can however be in the club on special occasions / events / programmes. On normal days, if children are found in the Club premises after 9.30PM, they may be asked to leave the club premises.

Club Hours

6AM to 11PM (The Club committee shall have discretion to extend hours)


Guests may be brought into to the Club, subject to certain stipulations / norms, the details of which may be collected from the Secretary or Club office. Maximum four guests are permitted per Members.

Mobile Phone Usage

Mobile phones should be kept on silent mode and not to be used for talking inside the Main Bar and Dining Hall.

Safe Deposit

The club does not accept responsibility for loss of member’s property or the property of their guests whilst in the club. No claim for such loss will be entertained by the Club. Members depositing articles do so at their own risk and responsibility.

Complaints & Suggestions

A book in which members may enter their complaints/suggestions is kept at the front desk/reception of the Club.

Diving Boards

Only one person at a time may use or be on any of the springboards. Children are forbidden to play on or around the diving stages.

Health Precautions

Members and their guests may not use the swimming pools if suffering from skin diseases (including sever case of prickly heat) or any other infectious diseases.

Alcoholic Beverages

Alcoholic beverages will not be served to and may not be consumed by any person under the age of 21 years. Persons under the age of 18 years will not be permitted to enter the Lounge Bar.


Children under the age of 2 years may not be taken into ANY pool in the Club.

Push Chairs

No baby or infant carriages may be brought into the club except the small folding push chairs.


No member or guests shall bring into the club any food or refreshments for consumption in the club premises. Chewing of pan, pan masala, chewing gum and chewing tobacco is not permitted within the club premises.

Hiring Of Club Premises

Hiring of club premises may only be arranged through a club Member, provided the same is approved as per club rules. Additionally it would be the responsibility of the Member booking the premises to accept all liabilities for payment of bills resulting from the hiring.

Damage To Club Property

Wilful damage to the club property will result in the imposition of a fine by the Committee on the responsible Member or Member’s guest, not exceeding six times the cost of replacement or repairs. Parents will be deemed responsible for any damage caused by their children and/or their guests.

The above information is indicative only and gives an overview of the Club rules and regulations. Members are however requested to check with the Club Secretary / Office to get more specific details about the decorum that needs to be maintained whilst inside the club premises – either alone, with family, or guests. Members are also requested to check for the modified timings of bars and other facilities which have been extended over the last couple of months.